Welcome to OCGL Golf League

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Thank you for visiting our website. We are a friendly, active and well organized WGT ladder league. Feel free to check our WGT league website. It is important to point out that OCGL is strictly a WGT ladder/league operated on Case’s MyLeague. OCGL is a well organized WGT League and is not just open to Canada, we welcome WGT players from all over the globe!

If after joining OCGL League you feel you would like to join the OCGL Country Club you will be able to do so, however, if you are already a member of another Country Club simply stay in that one , the choice is yours.

One of the unique features of OCGL is we exclusively operate with TeamSpeak3. TS3 is live chat very similar to Skype but more geared for gaming, and its free to our members! Under the Getting Started Button you will find a link for TS3 setup and download information.  This adds a very unique experience to WGT golf and WGT League games and Tournaments.

Here on this site our members have the opportunity to post photos related to the WGT game or others our members may find interesting. OCGL also host’s daily tournaments and Major tournaments, for WGT credits, held pretty much in conjunction with the pro’s.

The site is for the exclusive use of our members, however we encourage guests to visit. We consider our WGT League the best out there to play the game of golf and meet new and exciting people.

We are currently accepting new members and if you wish to enroll please fill out an application @ http://www.myleague.com/ocanadacc/,  select “Free Sign Up”, then select the green text “contact the league admins” and send in an application.  QUICK LINK below: http://www.myleague.com/ocanadacc/free-signup

Administrative Staff

Divatdown  (Head Admin Emeritus) 

Thurman15 (Head Admin) (Tournament Director)

Storm Williams (Assistant Head Admin) (Head Tournament Director)

Iceats (Admin) (Tournament Director)

Spiders1 (Admin) (Tournament Director)

Johnnymill1 (Admin) Tournament Director)