The OCGL Clubhouse tab is for everything that is related to tournaments, games and things related to them. When you put your mouse over the OCGL clubhouse tab you will get a list of pages that you can go to and keep updated with what is going on with OCGL. The tabs are as follows:

OCGL country club 

OCGL country club page tells you about the country club we have on WGT.

Shots of the year

Shots of the year page is for videos of members best shots of the year voted by our admin. Please feel free to visit and enjoy.

OCGL trophy room 

The OCGL trophy room is for the main trophies our members have won. Feel free to have a look around and enjoy.

Ryder cup points

Ryder cup points page is to show members the points they have got towards the Ryder cup tournament. This is open for all to view.



Division play page will show you the players and the links to the Divisions. So you can see who you are playing each week.


The OCGL US OPEN is on this page. Good luck members and have fun.