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Here at OCGL web site is everything you need to enjoy playing WGT golf and making new friends. We started in 2013 by our head admin DivatDown (DAVE) and now we are the top league on MyLeague. We have 85 members and still growing and all our members welcome new members with open arms. We are from all over the world so you’re never without a game any time off the day or night. Here at OCGL we use TeamSpeak 3 to talk to each other and if you join us we would ask you to download  this.  At OCGL we play nightly  tournaments. We also run tournaments when the major PGA tournaments are being played. These tournament are played for WGT credits donated by our members.We have some of the pages of our web site open so you can have a look around please do. If you think this league is for you, you need to do some things before you join us. We at OCGL have rules like any other league and you must read them before you join so here is a link so you can read them.


Let me tell you a little bit more about this web site we have some pages that you can’t see till your a member. We have a page called clubhouse fun page, in here are things that will help you to get to know our members better and know where they are from. We also have the clubhouse page, this is where you can find out about tournaments, best shots, and much more. The last one I will tell you about is the OCGL news page  here you find out what is going on and what’s to come also some funny bits about members.

Now that you have read the rules and would like to become a member of OCGL here is the link to join as .


Many thanks for looking around our web site and if this is not for you at this time we will be here if you change you mind. Hope to see you soon from the ADMIN TEAM OF OCGL.