Clubhouse fun 

On this tab, you have four drop downs. These are the ‘music page’, ‘world map’ and ‘photo booth’and map and time.

Music page

On this page we have put music which you can listen to when you are looking at our website.The disks that are on the page when clicked will open a new link that will play music so you can carry on looking at the website when the music is playing. We only have four disks on this page at the moment but more are coming soon.

World maps

On this tab when clicked, it will open a new page on your web browser that will show a map of the world with pins in various locations. The pins have been put there by the members of OCGL league to show where they live in the world. When you click on a pin a box will come up with a name and a comment from the OCGL member who put that pin on the world map. If you are an OCGL member and would like to put your own pin showing your location on the world map, please send an email to the admin at OCGL league asking them for an authorization email to be sent to you.

Photo booth

This page is for pictures to be placed that OCGL members have sent in to be shared on the website. If you would like to have a picture placed on this page please send an email with a picture attached to the admin at OCGL league.


This page shows you the time every place in the world just put your mouse over were you want to know the time.

The email address for the admin is :