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Hi to all the OCGL members thanks for using the new website which we have just started and is on going many thanks

Here is the October 2019 Rub of the green

From the First Tee

Well the Ryder Cup is in the middle session “Best Ball Matches” and the competition is fierce. The turnout for qualifying this year was excellent and the teams have never been closer. It is a lot of fun interviewing the players as they come out of the game room, the pulse still jumping a little.

In case you didn’t know it, the family of DivatDown was very touched by all of the reports you sent to him as he was placed in the number one position following his passing. They read them as we were on Teamspeak and there was a silence that spoke volumes, then they voiced their appreciation. They also thanked all members for the flowers that were sent to his service and for the nice donation of money that was sent to Lynn.

Your starter hasn’t seen DoctorSteve in a while at the first tee and found out that he had a leg amputated. On a follow up call he said there was more surgery to go, so please keep him in your prayers. He said he was anxious to get back to the game. FNABubba advised us that he was planning on getting out of the hospital on the 16th of this month, excited to go home. He was a good tipper so we hope to see him on here soon.

Member Profile


This month we Highlight John Vanzant

This months member spotlight is on JohnnyMill1. John now resides in Oregon but his roots go back to Kansas City, forming his unhealthy love of the Chiefs. He works for a Custom Parts Machinery Company in Portland. John is also a Tournament Director. He uses the Calloway Big Bertha Driver and Three Wood, and TaylorMade SRi2 Irons. His wedges are a mixed bag, and his playing set is rounded out with a Spider Putter. Normally he plays a Taylor Made TP5 ball unless he is gifted and then he asks for….well never mind….. John’s skill level as of this writing is 1571 and he has 136 WGT awards. He has 106 Eagles and 3009 Birdies.

Player Stats:

Stroke Average 65.85

Driving Accuracy: 86.5

GIR 72.25

Sand Saves 43.71

Scrambling 50.3

Putting Ave. per hole 1.65

Average putts per round 16.7

Par 3 Ave. 3.06

Par 4 Ave. 4

Par 5 Ave. 4.59

Traveling Golfer:

Honoring our play of the Ryder Cup your Starter is providing a link to the Ryder Cup course that will actually be played next year.



If you meet someone in the parking lot, or the taproom, and think they would be a good fit for our league, please get their player name and, better yet, also get their email address. Once one of the staff has this information they will be friended, or otherwise contacted, and the Vetting process can begin.

Lord Bob is in the process of training to become a Tournament Director.

Please support your Tournament Directors as often as possible. They spend a lot of time setting up the tourneys and conducting the events, so if you are leaning one way or the other, side with the guys who put it together.

Tourney Info

Week 2 of the Ryder Cup is Best Ball from 10/14 to 10/20

Week 3 of the Ryder Cup is Match Play Singles from 10/21 to 10/27

The DivatDown Ball Buster is being scheduled by the Staff

The Starter

 Photo Booth

We have a new page under CLUBHOUSE FUN that we at OCGL think you will like. What we would like is for members to send pictures in by email and OCGL and we will put them on the PHOTO BOOTH page. So members get your pictures out and send them in with a little comment and they will be put up. Many thanks from OCGL