Welcome to OCGL Golf League


Here you will find out more about us and the Staff that keeps this ladder successful

OCGL is a great place to meet new people and playing WGT in a whole new light. It takes the hard work of many people to make this place the success that it is. We strive to make OCGL better and welcome input from everyone to make the changes needed to make that happen.

Keep looking on here and on the OCGL Home page for updates as to new rules, new players and new and exciting events. Take a look at our Admin and Tournament Director Pages to see who we are and how OCGL got its start. Good luck and as always have fun!

How we Got Startedabout2

Hi, My name is DivatDown (Dave) the head Admin of the OCGL. I started Playing WGT in November 2013. Before that I ran a ladder Playing Golden Tee Golf for 7 years. When I let the other Ladder go I thought I just wanted to play the game and not have the headaches of running another Ladder. After seeing how boring it was and all the typing I decided to start another Ladder. I soon forgot about the headaches because I have met allot of great players and Good friends from around the globe. After starting the Ladder with only a handful of players I decided to open the ladder to anyone who wanted to join. Since then the Ladder has grown bigger and bigger. Then adding Team speak to the mix made it a more personal level of game play, not to mention a lot less typing. I have also put together a great Admin Team to assist me in making the Ladder as fun and as fair as we can. I would like to thank all my admin staff for their time and effort and also all you players who are supporting our growing Ladder. If you have any friends that you feel would enjoy our great ladder, Please feel free to invite them. Thanks again all and see you on the Links.